We had an "Absolut." blast shooting for Absolut. Vodka at Revelstoke Mountain Resort for #absolutinvite #teamedition. This is a global competition with the winners from each competition around the globe heading to Sweden in June to compete for the World Title Belt. Alex and Brandon from Chambar Restaurant in Vancouver, BC took home the #westcoastedition championship and a big shout out the the Aboslut. fellas Jacob (West Coast Ambassador), Jordan (East Coast Ambassador), Rico (Global Ambassador), and Brian (Corby Spirit and Wine) for hosting an awesome event.

In terms of filming we learnt a ton throughout the weekend and had lots of fun doing it. Events are no joke, 16 hour days of go go go are sure to make you tired. On top of that, getting back to our room each night to dump cards and charge things, leaving us with 4 hours to nap each night. However, a realization we think helped us over the weekend was on the second day and trying to focus on quality over quantity, making sure we capture some decent footage while withstanding the speed in which we were required to go to keep up.

The highlight of the weekend was taking a cat to the top of the hill prior to the lifts opening to shoot sunrise with Goose (DJI Inspire 1 Pro) and the Absolut./Corby boys.

All in all, a great learning experience for Team Tamarack and the people made the trip. All it's about is having some giggles and enjoying the company.

Above is a VLOG I threw together of some cool footage from the weekend and some behind the scenes of shooting the event. Also got time to shred a couple groomers with the gang.