At Tamarack Media Co we love creating lasting memories through stills or moving images. Our personal favorites are those opportunities that lead us into the backcountry where we can capture some of the most remote and beautiful terrain imaginable with our cameras. It just so happens that we need capable and reliable vehicles to get us to these places. And we (Chase and I) are both Toyota loyalists to the core. Following this mantra, recently led me on the quest for my next adventure project. Having some experience with many of Toyota's flagship 4x4's I knew exactly what vehicle I was after to fullfill my needs. I needed something comfortable for long distance highway cruising, "homey" enough for 2-5 day remote backcountry camping excursions, and capable enough to eventually hit the coveted Rubicon trail. Or as my wife would say "something that actually has back seats that you could one day put little humans in". The hunt was on for an 05-09 GX470 or 05-09 Toyota 4Runner V8.

After being swindled out of a very clean local 07' Limited V8, I was more determined than ever. A few weeks of hard classified scavenging, I found the one located in Vancouver BC. This truck has an interesting back story to say the least, but the important bits are below:

Vancity bound - Flying over the Canadian Rockies.

- 05' Limited V8: VVTI and 5 speed transmission
- West coast BC vehicle it's whole life: undercarriage is minty fresh :)
- It has 43,000kms on it. No, that is not a typo. 

Fast forward a couple weeks and my wife and I were on a plane headed for YVR to pickup the new whip. We made a quick weekend getaway out of it and landed Saturday Oct. 29, 2016 at 8:30am in Van, BC. The seller met us at the airport where we inspected the truck and signed the papers and spent the rest of the day getting some much needed #WestCoast fresh air.

Early morning coming into YVR.

We headed back to Calgary on Sunday; a perfect opportunity to give the 4Runner a good flogging. I wanted to pinpoint any weaknesses (if any) and also get rid of any carbon buildup that may have accumulated over the years as this thing sat in a garage and was barely driven. To my surprise, each tank of fuel netted an improvement in fuel economy. I don't expect to see improvements continue, but I can dream... Once back in Calgary, my urge to remove the running boards immedietly took hold.

Welcome home #RickRunner.

Lots more in store for #RickRunner. Baseline the truck for maintenance and start collecting parts!

Also stay tuned for an intro to "Bruce", TMCo's Adventure Build #2 from Co-Founder Chase Rickaby.


Addison Out.