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In January 2016 I made a decision to sell probably one of the mintiest 1st gen 4runner's in Canada. I have never been more grateful for a material object because it immediately enhanced the thought/idea of adventure in my life. Immediately after the purchase I was able to enjoy a 1600 mile drive from Santa Monica, California to Calgary, Alberta. To this day I have made a conscious effort to take in as much of this beautiful world most people take for granted. I still have dreams of driving "Casper" and its character has left a lasting impression on me that I will carry forward for the rest of my life. The sound of the bare metal doors clanging shut, the removable topper, the big truck driver steering wheel, the body lines on the hood, and of course the ability it gave me to get into the beautiful outdoors on four wheels. Overall the pure simplicity of Casper really made me appreciate small details and the saying "LESS IS MORE". 


The reason for me selling the 1986 4Runner was too generate some income so that I could begin a new creative journey. Fast forward to today, two crappy vehicles later (1998 Toyota Camry and 1990 Volvo 240DL), Tamarack Media Co. exists and I'm welcoming "Bruce" to the family. Bruce is a 2000 Toyota Tacoma that I purchased from Bowen Island, BC. The 2 owner (me being the 3rd), decently clean, lower mainland vehicle is a perfect fit for me moving forward and I am excited to share my experiences with you all here on The Tamarack Times

Heading from Calgary, AB to Vancouver, BC and back to pick up the Tacoma was another solo adventure I was grateful to have accomplished.

Ferry from Horseshoe Bay Terminal in Vancouver to Bowen Island

After spending the day hanging out with the previous owner touring around Bowen Island in the Tacoma, it was time to head to bed to prepare for the lengthy drive back to Cow Town. 

Pit stop to empty the bladder...and take some snaps

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